Cookies allow a website to recognise you, and so deliver benefits such as more tailored content or remember your preferences. As you may have heard, recent legislation requires all websites to gain visitors consent to use cookies. As a result, we advise that we do use cookie and by viewing our website we assume you accept the use of cookies.
At Totalwatchcare, we use cookies on our main website to achieve a number of things; in particular:
To allow us to record users’ preferences to improve future website visit experiences, by reducing the amount of keystrokes or clicks to get to the pages you are after
To allow us to understand which pages on our website are most popular, using Google Analytics.
Totalwatchcare will never pass any of the data gathered through cookies to third parties, except for those we believe as trusted third parties such as but not limited to Google Analytics.
You can manage cookies using the settings in the browsers of most computers, tablets and smartphones which are usually set up to accept cookies by default as they are harmless text files if used correctly. If you wish to adjust them, can do this through your browser settings.

When you order an item through Totalwatchcare, you will be give the option to pay by credit card.
Credit Cards:
We accept credit cards on-line using the PayPal Secure System, and accept Delta, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. These will be processed immediately on-line.
All of our online transactions are processed on Secure Trading servers who are one of the world’s leading Internet Merchant Banks.
At no stage does Totalwatchcare see your credit card details, as the information is processed directly through PayPal.
Security is second to none.
All transactions are encrypted using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) architecture, and are signed using Thawte digital certificates.
If you wish to find out more about the security involved please email us at, or telephone on our regular telephone number during normal office hours.
Credit Card numbers for payments taken over the telephone are never stored by Totalwatchcare. And is taken each time you make a telephone payment.