HIRSCH – Rainbow (Open Ended)

A masterpiece of HIRSCH leather manufacture in a new design! With its light padding and enhanced lizard embossed, the elegant calf skin strap is scarcely distinguishable from genuine lizard. The silky-gloss finish and the wide range of colours that this popular strap comes in give it its name – Rainbow.

HIRSCH Genuine Croco

Genuine crocodile leather – the timeless classic material for that special watch! Selected, precious crocodile skin is punched by hand with an agate stone to provide the surface of the Genuine Croco with its brilliant shine. The delicate body with the fine tone-on-tone seam and the supple Softglove lining leather give this strap a certain lightness and make it gentle on the skin, soft and supple.

HIRSCH Birch – Beige

The model is 100% animal-free and is solely plant-based. Birch is a bracelet with a surface made of naturally grown and excellently refined raw birch bark. With the combination of a HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc core, the bracelet appears not only to be resilient, but with its still clearly visible unique wood grain it is also an extraordinary eye catcher.


The unmistakable, small, roundish scales give away the noble origin of this strap … the best alligator flank leather. The greatest wearing comfort is ensured by the soft, supple, water-resistant and sweat resistant lining leather and the nickel-free stainless steel buckle. A strap of timeless beauty, its wearer will enjoy it forever.


Precious Louisiana alligator skin, brushed to create its silky shine. Just as beautiful and applied by hand, is the thin layer of contrasting edge finish and the bar seam, also made by hand, on the buckle. The waterresistant and sweat-resistant HIRSCH Oysterglove Supersoft lining leather ensures optimum comfort even with the most exacting demand.