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Total Watch Care located at 58 Streatham High Rd SW12 1DA, London UK. Offer full Horology specialisation our team is fully skilled to clean, repair or inspect many watch brands our service is fast and efficient in store and via or email service. We offer a wide range of repairs including: battery & strap replacement, servicing & refurbishment, dial restoration, glass, bezel,  crown & stem (winder), batons, hands & minor adjustments; including bracelet adjustments and repairs. Many jobs can be completed same day, make a booking.

Watch movements – mechanical & quartz are complex mechanisms requiring cleaning and lubrication periodic. Most manufacturers recommend servicing, every 5 years for mechanical watches, with quartz watches requiring inspection and battery replacement approximately every 2 -3 years, depending on the model. Watches running slow or gaining time, gathering condensation or with non-functioning parts, normally require a full service.  Total Watch Care team will expertly dismantle the watch, strip down the entire movement, re-grease and lubricate where required and replace any worn-out parts and finally re-seal your watch. Our complete service include, your watch being tested over a number of days to make sure it is in perfect working order.

Total Watch Care stocks a large range of quality watch straps and bracelets suitable to fit most brands of watches. This includes a range of Hirsch luxury leather watch straps, high quality metal watch bracelets and stylish rubber straps, perfect for giving your watch a new look.

Total Watch Care Repairs

All Major Watch Brands Repaired

Full Service

Watch losing or gaining time? With our full service, your watch will soon be ticking in time once again.

Battery Replacements

Most makes and models. Usually fitted while you wait with re-sealing & pressure testing available for water resistant models.

Dial Restoration

Worn and tired watch dials can be overhauled and restored, leaving your watch looking as good as new.

Glass Replacement

A scratched, damaged or cracked watch glass can be replaced during a visit to our store or via or postal service.

Minor Bracelet Repairs

Watch bracelets can easily be adjusted to a size comfortable for you in just a matter of minutes.

Minor Bracelet Adjustments

Watch bracelets can easily be adjusted to a size comfortable for you in just a matter of minutes.

Bespoke Repairs

We can repair and restore most makes and models in our branches and carry out work specific to your brand of watch.

How To Find Us

How to find us, we are located at 84 Streamtham High Rd, London visit us we would love to see you.

Our Workshop

Send your watch (Royal Mail Special Delivery) to Total Watch Care workshop for a thorough inspection and repair. All makes and models repaired.